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please it’s amazing

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Wow, it’s so hard to understand why a woman-written comic about a female superhero who wears a sensible costume, writes fanfic, and stuffs her face with tasty gyros is so popular and trendy, while a cover for a forthcoming male-written book that portrays its female superhero as sexxily posing for porn sexxx in a suit that clings to every anatomical feature of her 22-inch waist and ass is widely derided. I mean, the thing is that it’s just really mysterious. It’s like how audiences say they’re interested in Black Panther and Ms. Marvel movies, when really what they want is even more white male superheroes. People are so confusing! 

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Will there always be an A + a B cover? I just need to know if I will forever be buying two copies of every issue because the covers are flawless every time.


To be honest, we’re kinda making it up as we go along. We’ll have the until 5, as we have lovely artists lined up.

For example, we’ve got the Kevin Wada cover for 4 in our inboxes now.

Purr, shall we say.


We’ll show you guys when 3 comes out, I suspect.

But purrr.

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Candy Store LA Edition!

'Sleep in class. SLEEP WITH ME!'

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sex never goes out of fashion // garbage

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